New Limited Edition Shirt in the Shop

Head on over to the store and check out our new offering from Boston visual artist and animator, Brian Fitzgerald.

Brian is an Artist, Musician, Filmmaker and Mad Scientist based out of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He primarily works in animation and multi media installation. He is the founder of the Militant Absurdist Party and a level 12 member of the Nuts and Bolts Brigade and also plays bass as part of the folk ensemble Troll 2.

Brian’s visual style incorporates sci-fi and retro-glitch aesthetics with cartoon illustration and relies heavily on imagery and motif lifted from occulture. The work is usually eerie yet sarcastic in tone and often deals with the relationships between mind, spirit and technology.

In addition to his personal persuists, Brian works professionally in audio/video and design and as a freelance animator and editor of industrial films and music videos.

This is a super limited run of shirts so get one while you can.  …As always, these are printed on super soft American Apparel shirts.


brian mock up